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Writers block, procrastination and a busy life

My youngest of four grandsons aged from 6 years to 3 months

My youngest of four grandsons aged from 6 years to 3 months

These are all the excuses I use that have stopped me from completing a novel or writing an award winning blog.  One of my many New Year’s resolutions is to concentrate more on my writing.  I plan to improve the look of this and my other blog I plan to complete my two novels that are still very much in draft form.  I love writing short stories and flash fiction and I plan to do more.

But it will have to wait until Monday – I can’t do it today or tomorrow.  I have a big family meal and a Sunday roast to cook, my grandson’s 4th birthday party to attend, at least 8 more wash loads to do, the house is a mess, my bedroom needs decorating …. oh dear excuses again.

I can’t even have a glass of wine as I am doing the dry January thing for cancer research.  So I will have a large glass of ginger beer (non-alcoholic of course) and I will collect my thoughts and start.

Except “The Voice” is on tonight and I love that programme – and there’s the film on Sky Box Office that I have meaning to catch up on and i want to finish that mystery novel I was reading.

No Monday it is.  Except I promised to pick up my middle grandson from school and the dog really could do with a long walk. See what I mean. Life just gets into the way.  How did I ever find the time to hold down a demanding job?

Well I will find the time – some day.  PS if you want to sponsor my dryathlon you can donate via the following link