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Keeping Motivated

Throughout my working life, whether I was employed or during periods of self-employment, I usually began each day at my desk (unless of course it started with a site visit or a meeting). But the bedroom that was once my office has been converted back into a bedroom for when grandchildren come to stay and my permanent work base has gone.

There are times when I wish I still had that base as all my writing now is either done on the dining room table or on my laptop wherever I am at that given moment. Without that office base it can sometimes be hard to stay motivated as writing isn’t a proper job is it?

The trusty laptop

The trusty laptop

I often feel a fraud when I devote time to my novel, writing my blog or writing flash fiction.  It’s easier if I have a freelance project with a deadline to meet as there is a goal at the end of it.

Creative writing is can be hard to devote time to as, unless you are fortunate to have been commissioned, you are writing purely for yourself or for a market you hope will purchase your work.

But the more I find the time, the more I enjoy it and the more I enjoy it the more motivated I get.  It’s a simple formula and for the moment it’s working for me.